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Bento 3.0 is an easy-to-use web platform for PBS member stations and producers built with stations, for stations.

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Bento is a flexible content management system for stations to create websites, manage digital experiences, and leverage the Media Manager content libraries. It is designed to meet the needs of stations looking for a simple and integrated solution, as well as stations looking to leverage content throughout the system in unique, customized ways. Bento is fully hosted by PBS, and comes at no additional cost to your station.

With its easy-to-use interface and extensive array of plugins, once launched, Bento will greatly reduce the time and cost required for producing and managing your station site. Additionally, because anyone at your station can use this tool, the majority of site customization isn't directed solely to developer/technical resources. This will enable you to focus on creating and implementing additional features and functionality, enhancing the overall experience.

With Bento, you will be able to insert promotional stories, images, links to videos, and more. Promotional pages are a great way to dynamically host scores of content on a single page and provide viewers access to localized TV Schedules, promotional video clips, sample information and other branded content. Bento enables you to customize and configure the majority of your Web site's look and feel through templates and components. Check out more information about templates and components.


Bentomatics allow stations to add syndicated content on to their site. Stations can then add their locally relevant content and branding to customize and localize the experience for their communities. Content for Bentomatics can come from anywhere, national or local stations. Want to add Bentomatics to your site? Request them from the Digital Support Portal today!


We recommend working on your site goals, performing a content audit, and understanding your user personas.

From there, dig into our in-depth documentation and learn all about the launch process.

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