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Young Professionals Workshop: Here’s to the Weird Ones
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For the second year PBS Digital will be producing a free Young Professionals Workshop (YoProWo) during the pre-conference at the PBS Annual Meeting taking place in Austin, TX. The workshop will be held Monday, May 11 from 8AM–5PM at the University of Texas' football stadium; near to where the GM planning meeting will be held.

YoProWo n. [Yo-Pro-Woah] is an interactive, informative, and innovative workshop for young professionals.

Join us for a day of learning, networking and professional awareness. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from industry thought leaders like PBS' CEO Paula Kerger. Through speakers and interactive exercises lead by your peers, you will have an opportunity to interface and brainstorm with system GMs and Executives.

You will leave this workshop with a comprehensive survival guide full of tips and resources from the day, as well as a network of connections.

If you're wondering whether this conference is for you, ask yourself the following:

  1. Are you a young professional under 40 working in public media? 

  2. Are you interested in developing your career, broadening your connections within the system? 

  3. Are you interested in playing an active role in developing the next generation of public media? 

If you answered yes, then YoProWo is for you!

Staying for annual meeting? Join us as we present the day's findings during a breakout session later in the week. You can register here.

Learn more about last year's Young Professional Workshop Annual Meeting from WVIA's Chris Zellers who provided an inside look.

Oh did we mention it's free!

Contact the SPI team with any questions,