#YoProWo Annual Meeting Report Out Webinar Recap
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In the land of unlimited budgets and unicorns, everyone gets to go to conferences. Here on earth, we know that many station staff couldn't make it to this year’s YoProWo, an amazing day of learning, networking and professional awareness for public media’s under-40 crowd.

Last week Jennifer Carter Hinders, Product Manager, PBS Digital; and Natalie Benson, Assistant Director, PBS Marketing and Communication walked through the YoProWo agenda and goals from the pre-conference. On the docket as well was YPpubmedia who shared their upcoming initiatives with attendees. Review the archive recording from the webinar:

YoProWo Recap: To quickly recap the pre-conference workshop, the day opened with a welcome from PBS President and CEO Paula Kerger, and a few other public media rockstars- Jennifer Lawson, CPB, Emily Loya, KCOS and Shane Guiter, KCPT shared their experiences and challenges which they faced as young professionals during the FaceTime panel. Resources are available from the day, including discussion snippets, a collaboration exercise and a Kiva cheat sheet.

To get a sense of what was resonating with attendees from the pre-conference and the webinar we've pulled together some of the top #YoProWo tweets.

Be great at your job. Be a great mom. You might sacrifice other things, but know your priorities. #YoProWo #PBSam

– Randi Williams, May 11, 2015

Interested in attending a future YoProWo session? Be on the lookout for upcoming YoProWo events at several 2015-2016 public media conferences and summits.