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YoPro Talks: Leadership Panel At TechCon
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Facetime with those in leadership is a rarity in a lot of organizations. When do you get the time to hear from leadership, more often than not it’s in a big room at conferences or staff meetings. Topics like how those in leadership got to where they are, career advice and lessons learned are rarely discussed.

To help break down the walls that can form between leaders and staff in an organization, YoPro looks to better connect system leaders with those in non-leadership roles, specifically young professionals within public media. Kicking off the conference season, at this year’s PBS TechCon, YoPro will be presenting a leadership panel.

During this panel, audience members will hear from PBS’ Chief Digital Officer & CMO, Ira Rubenstein, PBS’ CTO Mario Vecchi and WUCF- TV’s Director of Communications, Jennifer Cook. The panelist will discuss and share their career paths, lessons learned, career advice, and much more. This session is meant to be informal, the audience participates by guiding the direction of panel by asking questions.

The session will take place on Wednesday, April 19th at 5:30PM. Click here to download a calendar reminder! As the last session of the day, we want to encourage all attendees to head over to the PBS kiosk reception to continue conversations with the panelist and their young professional peers.

Scholarship Opportunity
In case you missed the call out, YoPro will be offering two scholarships to young professionals at stations to attend TechCon this year. Learn more about eligibility requirements and how to apply by viewing the previous SPI blog post about YoPro at TechCon.The deadline for submission is March 10th and selected applicants will be notified no later than March 15th.


Amy Lust | Assistant Director | PBS Digital
Jen Hinders | Director | PBS Digital