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#SpotlightEduPBS Campaign 

SPOTLIGHT EDUCATION is a special week of primetime news, public affairs and documentary programming on PBS stations September 12-17 (check local listings) focusing on the brightest ideas and toughest challenges facing today’s students and America’s education system. 

Short-form and full episodes from the week, interactive content modules and a social hub for SPOTLIGHT EDUCATION will be available on pbs.org/spotlighteducation and Americangraduate.org. SPOTLIGHT EDUCATION also kicks-off of a year-long teacher support campaign—“Teach Boldly”—led by PBS and local member stations across the country. Major funding for SPOTLIGHT EDUCATION is provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) as part of American Graduate: Let’s Make it Happen, a long-term public media initiative to help all students graduate from high school ready for college and careers.

Social Hub

Image - SpotlightEducation_SocialImage_01.jpgThe SPOTLIGHT EDUCATION social hub will feature UGC highlights from a social media campaign (#SpotlightEduPBS) that turns its lens on viewers and asks fans to share how they celebrate education and how it has influenced their lives through viewer photos, videos and stories. PBS will call out to stations to participate in the campaign and reach out to their local communities to engage in the campaign through the following avenues: PBS, Producers and Local Stations Facebook group, the Stations Product & Innovations blog and newsletter, PBS Digital Station Solutions Facebook group, PBS Marketing & Communications Weekly Round-Up newsletter, various PBS LearningMedia social channels, PBS programmers lists, myPBS and more. 

Each day, the social promotion will include a specific theme or question around education to engage the audience. Make sure to use the #SpotlightEduPBS to get your content pulled in to the campaign! 


A one-page Bentomatic featuring the best of the SPOTLIGHT EDUCATION site, including the social hub, will available soon for use on local station websites. 

How can your station participate?

1. Social Media
Use the #SpotlightEduPBS hashtag across your platforms when promoting your own relevant content or highlighting content from national PBS initiatives. PBS and PBS LearningMedia will be re-sharing as many posts possible from the audience, local stations and our content partners.

2. Content Contribution
We want to highlight local content that is relevant to the promotion! 

What assets are available?

The full suite of resources is now available on the Source and MyPBS! For just the social media assets (#SpotlightEduPBS) go here.

A followup blog post next week will detail the following:

  • Date when the Bentomatic will be available
  • Schedule of the promotional themes 
  • Where you can find sample tweets and posts as well as co-brandable graphics
  • and more!

Who can I reach out to with questions?

We want to hear from you with any questions or ideas you might have about this promotion. Please email Anaïs Cayo for specifics about this initiative, and feel free to reach out to your SPI rep or spi@pbs.org