WGVU Public Media Celebrates Being an Art Nerd
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Everyone’s a nerd for something, and at WGVU Public Media you’ll find us nerding out for just about everything. From exploring fractal geometry, to the chemistry of crème brûlée, from Austin City Limits to happy little trees, WGVU Public Media is the original sanctuary of explorers, and their obsessive, intelligent pursuits. 

We think that being a nerd is something to celebrate. Come celebrate the opening of ArtPrize with the Laker Marching Band, Grand Valley State University Dance Company and the WGVU/PBS Nerd Walk

"ArtPrize is about creative and unexpected collaborations. The combination of the Grand Valley State University Marching band and the WGVU/PBS Nerd Walk typifies this type of collaboration, and is sure to provide a fun and engaging way for all ArtPrize participants and visitors to celebrate the opening night of ArtPrize 2014” says Todd Herring, ArtPrize Director of Marketing & Communications. 

Join the celebration at Rosa Parks Circle with Grand Valley State University and WGVU Public Media on September 24 at 6:30pm. The Laker Marching Band and the GVSU Dance Company will kick-off the evening with music and dance joined by President Haas and Louie the Laker. The band and the WGVU/PBS Nerd Walk will proceed to the L.V. Eberhard Center, home of the Meijer Public Broadcast Center and WGVU Public Media and the installation, River Tattoo, by Jim Cogswell, Professor Stamps School of Art & Design at the University of Michigan. Reserve your spot to be part of the inaugural WGVU Nerd Walk at wgvu.org, and celebrate being a nerd for art!

“Friday nights on WGVU & PBS is a celebration of the arts, where the stars come out on America’s largest stage,” says Michael T. Walenta, WGVU Public Media General Manager. “We are excited to bring that stage right into downtown Grand Rapids and celebrate the start of ArtPrize with the WGVU/PBS Nerd Walk! We are all nerds for something and I personally invite you to join WGVU as we celebrate being a nerd for Art!” 

The first 100 people to register for the WGVU/PBS Nerd Walk at wgvu.org/nerdwalk will receive a free WGVU/PBS Nerd Walk t-shirt. 

"Grand Valley departments are coming together for the third ArtPrize Kickoff. It’s exciting WGVU will join the pageantry this year with the Nerd Walk” says Stacey Tvedten, Program Coordinator, Grand Valley State University Art Gallery. “ArtPrize is an excellent catalyst for creating connections among people, disciplines and organizations — that’s what we will be celebrating in Rosa Parks Circle.”