Web Series Spotlight: Panhandle PBS' Yellow City Sounds
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Yellow City Sounds (YCS) is a digital musical experience that showcases the “sound” of artists in the Texas Panhandle. From Texas country to rock ‘n’ roll, YCS highlights a diverse set of musicians in music videos filmed in intimate locations across the panhandle.

We were lucky enough to receive a the equipment grant from PBS Digital Studios to use during filming. To produce this series, we worked with an outside producer Blake Cartrite who has extensive experience using DSLRs. The Panhandle PBS production crew was on-hand for each episode learning about the different setting options that could be used with the camera.

Since Yellow City Sounds was targeting a younger audience, we decided to see if we could fund the project using IndiegogoOn July 1, 2014 we launched our campaign and by the end we raised more than $6,000, but only 45% of our goal!

Image - ycs-fbook.pngWe learned from this experience. Mainly that our goal was way too high and that even when people like your idea, it doesn’t mean they will be willing to fund it.

Yellow City Sounds Season 1 launched at the end of October 2014. The first episode featuring acoustic singer/songwriter Kacie Williams received more than 1,000 views. The following episode featuring Texas Country artist Zac Wilkerson has received 4,000 views.

In total, the Yellow City Sounds YouTube channel has received more than 10,000 views since it launched.

What We Learned

While the YCS crowdfunding campaign didn’t raise the amount we had hoped for, the success and reaction to the series has helped us gain a younger audience, and put us on the digital radar of people we normally don’t reach.

Every week, I have everybody from rock-pop to hardcore heavy metal bands contacting me about YCS. It is our hope to continue Yellow City Sounds, producing season 2 in the near future.