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Vegas PBS Reveals Their Geo-Targeted BBC Video on Demand Service
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In a recent post, Julius Cain, VP of Syndication Sales for BBC Worldwide North America, explained how PBS Digital used COVE and Bento to create a turnkey solution for stations that purchase VOD rights to BBC content.

This week, take a look at how Pat Breen, Web Designer at Vegas PBS takes advantage of this service. It's worth noting that Vegas PBS is a founding partner and as such, has taken on the task of ingestion hours upon hours of BBC videos onto COVE for the benefit of all stations with VOD rights. Vegas PBS promotes the content on their website in a non-geo blocked page. Users that live outside of their viewing area, including: Clark County NV, Lincoln County NV, Nye County NV, Movave County AZ,  will be redirected to a page explaining why the content is not available. The page also offers a library of other programming the user can stream instantly. If your station currently has a geo-blocked page that is not built using Bento, we would like to know about it. Please contact us to be included in the series.

Image - vpbsexclusive2.png

1. How do you promote the content?
We currently promote our British Exclusives on our homepage and Video On Demand page with graphics that link to our exclusive web page with the embedded videos. The promotion for the Vegas PBS BBC collection is still evolving as we move forward with our options with print and COVE. We plan to promote it on social media, in our member magazine and through our eNewsletter and also plan to create a generic on air announcement that lets viewers know when series/program they are watching is also available to view on our website.

2. How has the content affected your membership? Viewer feedback? Viewer engagement?
It is too early to tell due to the limited promotion.

3. Any other comments you'd like to add about your BBC VOD implementation?
This has truly been a cross-departmental team effort here at Vegas PBS, with members of the programming, production, engineering, education and promotion teams coming together to create a workflow process and communicate with each other about the status of the project.