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A new ValuePBS website launched this week and it’s available for stations to integrate into their websites, using Bentomatic. It makes the case why PBS and its member stations are a trusted, valued, and essential resource for communities, educators, and families. The new mobile responsive site can help you communicate the value of our collective work.

Site features include:

  • Education station map (same map as the one on the previous ValuePBS site that stations have access to update and edit the information)
  • Brand touchstone videos
  • Testimonial videos
  • Stats and infographics
  • Social sharing features

How to Add ValuePBS to your site: 

Follow these steps to gain access to the ValuePBS Bentomatic

1. Request the ValuePBS experience from Support

2. Insert the ValuePBS Bentomatic into the Page Content placeholder/section of their page

The Bentomatic works best on the Studio One template. But it will also work on the two-column Studio and 1 and 2 column Station Explorer templates.

Don't forget about Curate! 

Stations who use the Bentomatic can also leverage the localization features on to promote the ValuePBS campaign on their website.

A station’s ValuePBS Bentomatic page can be linked to the following locations:

1. Local menu dropdown on the top navigation of

2. Local homepage carousel feature (3rd slide in carousel)

3. Station hub/landmark image area

Stations who don’t select to use the Bentomatic can also take advantage of the localization feature on, either by linking to a page that they have created on their own website or linking to the website.

As a reminder, you can also find a number of case-building assets on the Source, including infographics highlighting the findings of the recent American Viewpoint-Hart Research Voter Survey and the Top 9 Reasons why the public sees PBS and stations as Trusted, Valued and Essential. PBS’ social media channels have been promoting these materials so also feel free to share or re-post.