Updated TV Schedule Modules are Available for Stations
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Image - TVSS_V4.pngThe much anticipated updated TV Schedule modules are now available for stations to add to their site(s). In an effort to streamline and elevate our product and service offerings to stations, we are looking to deprecate the TV Schedule API V1, and instead use the existing TV Schedules API V2. The new TV Schedule module which is powered by TV Schedules API V2, was released to stations who use the PBS' TV Schedule module in Bento in 2014. The TV Schedules API V2 was released last year as well. We can now provide custom code to the rest of the station community.

Beyond a more sleek and streamlined design and layout, the TV Schedule modules also includes various new features including opportunities for additional customization, and the ability to surface (or not) automatically curated content to surface below the channel listing information. The new module also pulls previews inside the module with descriptions about the episodes.

How Can My Station Leverage This?

The SPI team will begin reaching out to the stations who have been identified currently as making technical calls to the TV Schedules API V1. The API request being made, can surface a full-grid TV Schedule module, or what's on preview modules. In some cases the API is part of a proprietary solution, and for others it's being used as part of the PBS-provided TV Schedule and What's On modules. When we deprecate this API, if you do not replace the old code with the new code, where ever you use the old TV Schedules modules or API those fields will no longer work.

Where Do you Get the New Code?

To help stations with this transition, PBS Digital will be creating the code for each station to use. Please look for your Digital Rep to be sending you some information with how to request the code. If you receive an email from a the SPI team and you think it's an error, we can provide additional information such as what webpage urls are currently using the old TV Schedule modules or API. In most cases, you should just be able to update your existing code with this new code. But as with most updates it may require some additional testing.

Is There a Deadline?

The teams are looking to deprecate the old TV Schedules API by the end of February. 

Please feel free to reach out to your SPI representative or pbsi_spi@pbs.org with any questions. If you would like to receive product updates and alerts, you can subscribe here.