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Twelve Blank on Blank Interstitials Available for Station Broadcast Use
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Have you seen Blank on Blank – the animated YouTube series featuring lost audio interviews with famous names? Well, now this innovative series from PBS Digital Studios is available for broadcast on your local station.

We are excited to share that select episodes from PBS Digital Studios’ Blank on Blank animated interview series are now available as fillers for station broadcast use. As you’ll notice below, many of the subjects featured in Blank on Blank episodes are familiar to PBS audiences. Additionally, we’ve called out particular episodes that tie into recent and upcoming PBS programming.

Image - BonB.jpg

All of these Blank on Blank interstitials are available now on the Source:
B.B. King - pairs well with American Masters: B.B. King, which originally aired February 12, 2016
Janis Joplin – pairs well with American Masters: Janis: Little Girl Blue, which airs May 3, 2016
Dolly Parton – pairs well with American Masters: Loretta Lynn, which airs March 4, 2016
Ray Charles – pairs well with In Performance at the White House: Smithsonian Salutes Ray Charles, which originally aired February 26, 2016
Michael Jackson
John Lennon and Yoko Ono
Jim Morrison

Dustin Hoffman – pairs well with Finding Your Roots: Maps of Stars– featuring Dustin Hoffman - which airs March 8, 2016
Carol Burnett
Bill Murray
Meryl Streep
Maya Angelou

All of the above episodes of Blank on Blank are cleared for use for non-commercial broadcast for an unlimited number of times. These will expire on February 10, 2018. If you’d like to embed any of these fillers on your station website or share via your social channels, please use the original YouTube posting of the respective video.

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