Top News Apps of 2014
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As the capabilities and features of smartphones grow evermore advanced, the wisest app developers take advantage of such features in order to offer a more innovative experience. Just browse through these top news apps of the year and you'll see why they are so much more than simple news e-readers. 

These apps included features like Pandora-style information streams, curated reels of news read out loud to users, video portals and, overall, more user customization than ever before.


Image - news2.png

Billed as “your daily newscast,” Watchup brings together journalism from the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and other reputable news organization and then lets users build their own newsreel with their favorite components. Once Watchup understands users’ preferences, it delivers a daily video newscast that someone can start and then sit back and view. One plus is Watchup, a free app, is on every platform you could think of: Fire TV, XBox 360, Google Glass as well as on Android and iOs mobile.


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Bearing similarities to Watchup, Newsbeat also is a news brief for users that they can use to start their day, only in radio form. Variety called it “Pandora for news,” because it gives an audio stream of aggregated stories personalized around interests. Newsbeat is available for free in the App Store on via Google Play and was developed by a special team at Tribune.

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