Top 9 Sites to Find Vector Art for Your Blog
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If your station manages a blog, you know the constant struggle of finding high-quality, royalty-free images. While Google image search is fast an convenient, the rights governing those images are usually opaque. Thus, we've put together this handy list of top sights to source free vector art for your blog.

Vecteezy is a community of vector art that provides a place for vector artists to create and exchange a variety of free vector graphics. It’s probably one of the most popular vector websites judging by the visitor count. However, it seems that they go for quantity instead of quality.

Web Design Hot is not the best looking vector website on the list, however they collect some of the best free vectors from everywhere else. They have more than 2000 graphics, but unfortunately they seem to forget to credit the authors.

Free Vector Archive is not the biggest vector website, but definitely the most picky about the quality.

Free vectors daily is a place to find high-quality free vector sets for free download daily. They have only 360+ vectors, but are really good at finding rare vector graphics which are hard to find elsewhere.

Great Vectors is one of my favorite vector websites – not only they list high quality vectors, but they also create a lot of great vectors themselves. Currently, there are more than 1000 free vectors on their website.

Huge selection of free vector art with nearly 4,000 graphics.

Huge selection of free vector art with over than 5,000 graphics.

One of the older vector websites on the list with 7 years of existence during which they have repeatedly voted as Top 10 free vector resource by various graphic design sites.

9. is huge, updated daily and has a lot of unique vector not available on other vector websites.


Did we miss any? Let us know if you have another favorite site you turn to for free images.