Three Reasons Your Station, and You, Should Be More Active on Google+
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Google recently made several changes to their services in order to position Google Plus as the central feature within its ecosystem. For example, users are now required to have a Google Plus account in order to comment on YouTube videos. With Google Plus growing everyday, there are three main reasons your station, (and you) should be active on this social platform:
  1. Google+ Pages: Because they operate similarly to user pages, they offer your station several opportunities to engage with members of your community. For more info on taking advantage of Google Plus Pages, read our Social Media Spotlight blog post on why you should take a second look at Google Plus. 
  2. SEO: Being a Google property, it's no surprise that promoting your content in Google+ offers an SEO bump. Because Google can pull data directly from Google Plus (unlike Facebook and Twitter who restrict such info), people who follow you on Google Plus will see your posts higher up on their results page.
  3. Authorship: Do you blog? Either personally or professionally? Then update your personal Google Plus to achieve Google Authorship and your photo will appear alongside your content on Google search results.

By José FernandezProduct Deployment Manager | PBS Digital

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José is responsible for rolling out PBS Digital products across multiple technology platforms, including online, mobile and OTT boxes. In addition, he designs and refines internal processes to respond to PBS Digital's growing product line and customer needs.