The Vine Effect: Instagram to get Video?
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Rumors always run rampant in social media, but as of late, many revolve around a press event Facebook is holding on June 20. Sources over at TechCrunch claim Facebook will unveil an Instagram platform enabling users to shoot and share short videos, thereby expanding mobile video sharing.
Image \u002D mobile video.jpg
The move to include video on Instagram is a direct result of the recent video sharing phenomenon started by Facebook’s biggest competitor, Twitter. Recognized as having started the mobile video sharing revolution, Vine for the iPhone was launched by Twitter in early January 2013. Vine allows users to take and share six second video clips using their mobile phones, which are then posted to their Twitter pages. In the past few months, Vine became the most popular video sharing application in social media. Digital marketers saw the potential, and businesses across the globe began “vining,” officially turning the fad into a phenomenon.
Now Facebook is fighting back with its most powerful weapon: Instagram. Currently built for photos, Instagram allows users to take photos, apply creative filters, and push them across a variety of social media platforms. Instagram had the most twitter linked posts per day until earlier this month, when Vine surpassed them after expanding to Android phones. Hoping to reclaim their stake in the twittersphere, Facebook is expected to announce the new Instagram this Thursday.

New to Vine? Take a look at this one, created by us PBS interns:

Since Vines are taking over social media as we know it, stations should consider how they can add their own, unique Vines to the mix. Whether it's a short video of life around the office, or a funny video of co-workers reenacting a scene from Downton Abbey, you can post a short video about anything you desire. You just might discover a hidden talent as well!