The SPI Team Takes on Social Media!
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The Station Products and Innovation team that you know and love is active on many social media platforms so we can be better connect with all of you. You can find us on Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google+. Each of our accounts offer a different experience for our followers, but the theme remains constant. We want to connect our member stations to each other, to different departments within PBS, and to the local communities, so don't miss out!
SPI on Twitter
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Need quick updates on whats going on in the SPI world? Then our twitter account is perfect for you! Whether you are sitting at your desk or on the go, you can be sure to get constant updates with links and images from the SPI blog and #PubMedia related sources.

SPI on Pinterest
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If you prefer more visual updates, then you want to connect with us on Pinterest! Our Pinterest account features much of the same content from the SPI blog and twitter, but in a very organized way thanks to the nature of Pinterest. Our content is categorized by topic on different boards, like “Best of #LocalPBS” and “Social Media Resources,” and each update is represented by a picture, gif, or video, so you can be sure you won’t be bored!

SPI on Tumblr
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Like I said, one of our team's main goal is to really highlight all the great things that you all are doing at your local stations. That's why we created the #LocalPBSLife tag where stations can post photos representing the day-to-day life of their stations using the hashtag, and we can share it to the rest of the stations. Think of our Tumblr as the running feed for this hashtag. We turn the spotlight on you as we simply post all the awesome things going on in your station whether it be a behind the scenes production shot or a link to a quiz made by a station. The Tumblr is our way of appreciating you!

SPI on Google+
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Connecting with the SPI Team on Google+ is a no brainer based on the fact that so many of everyone's task are already taking place on Google platforms. Following our account gives you the ability to control the amount of engagement you get with our team which is great in terms of SEO. Our account is another place where you can get our posts from the blog along with other industry related articles.

Connect with us through our different accounts to stay updated with all things SPI. See you in the social spheres!

By Joche Angbazo | Station Products and Innovation Intern | PBS Digital
Joche is a marketing and communication intern with the PBS Digital SPI Team who handles a lot of the social media. She is a rising sophomore at the University of Maryland, where she studies marketing. When Joche is not tweeting, pinning, or blogging, she spends a lot of her time window shopping, catching up with shows On Demand, and jamming out to the radio!