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The MVOD Roadshow: Is it that different?
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A couple friends from around the system have asked: Is that MVOD roadshow  going to be that much different than the briefing I heard at (fill in the blank)?

In a word: Yes.

Ira, BetsyChas and I have spoken frequently about the goals of Member Video on Demand – going as far back as the first regional meeting in San Antonio last year, as well as the San Francisco annual meeting.

Those sessions were all very high level – less than an hour.

The roadshow, though, is where we’ll really dive into the details: Just what will your station need to do to launch the service? How will we collectively market the service? What can/should stations do with the data that results from MVOD and other digital viewing

Think of it as a seven-hour crash course in the nuts and bolts of this tool – not merely a high-level summary.

So, even if you’ve heard us talk about MVOD before, we’d urge you to attend one of the roadshow stops – and to bring all the relevant leaders from your station (ranging from GM to the heads of marketing, development and digital).

We look forward to seeing you. (Have specific questions? Find me here.)