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The Great American Read Bentomatic and Voting Embed Available
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The Great American Read Bentomatic is now available for Bento 2 and Bento 3! The Bentomatic includes an overview of the program and quick links to features on the official website. Click here to view an image of the Bentomatic.

Beginning Friday May 18, the Bentomatic will expand to include the voting tool. Once the station has adopted the Bentomatic, no action is required to include the voting tool - that will be automatically added to the existing Bentomatic. Until voting begins on May 22, the voting tool will be “closed” meaning users cannot vote yet for their favorite books.

Once the voting is live (beginning May 22, 8pm ET), click here to view what the Bentomatic will expand to look like.

For Bento 2 sites, file a ticket in the support portal to request the Bentomatic.

For Bento 3, the Bentomatic is available to all station websites under “The Great American Read Bentomatic” For more on how to add a Bentomatic to your Bento 3 site, view documentation here.



For stations that do not use Bento, the voting tool embed is available. It is important to note that until Friday, May 18, the voting tool will be password protected. On Friday, the voting tool will soft launch and a “Page Closed” message will appear until voting opens on May 22, 8pm ET.

Please follow the directions here for embedding the iFrame (


Step 1: Add the script source for tldr.js

Adding the following script tag to the tag of the web page:


Step 2: Create the application container

This container is where you want the app to live. You need to create a

tag with a unique ID. For example:


Step 3: Initialize the application

Before the closing body tag, add the following JavaScript code initialize the application:




The main The Great American Read website will have details on the specifics for how to vote, FAQs and the terms/conditions. These pages will be published on Friday, May 18 and will be linked within the Bentomatic. For stations that are not using the Bentomatic, please check back on the website for these pages on Friday.

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