The Art of Analytics: What Can Analytics do For You?
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December was a busy time for PBS Digital. Just before the holidays, the SPI team hosted a summit for the Digital Advisory Council which brought station representatives to PBS for a few days of exciting discussion about all things digital, including Analytics.

During a session dedicated to Analytics, David Dickinson from WPT and Teresa Peltier from WSKG shared their thoughts on Analytics, as well as some of the work they’re doing at their stations. David talked to the group specifically about “What Analytics Can Do For You,” below is a summary of his key points: 

What Analytics Can Do For You

1. Permission – data can give you permission to make decisions that would otherwise be subjective

2. Adapt – by monitoring analytics, changes to your site or strategy can be made more deftly 

3. Prioritize – data can help you decide what’s most important and where to place focus/resources

4. Progression – data allows you to track the progress of your site in a real and tangible way

5. Discover – digging in the numbers a bit can shed light on “stories” about your site, audience or strategy that can lead to new ideas!

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is how powerful data can be. Data can be one of the most useful tools in helping you sell a new idea to management with confidence. 

We wanted to share this with everyone as we begin 2014 in hopes of sparking some conversations about how you can incorporate Analytics into your digital strategy. If you have ideas you’d like to discuss or could use analytics help in general, don’t hesitate to reach out!

By Kate Alany | Senior Manager of Digital Analytics | PBS Digital
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Kate manages the analytics service for member stations, helping them use the knowledge and analytical tools to better understand and overcome challenges with their difital audience. In her free time, Kate like to analyze all things food and exercise related with the MyFitnessPal app, make memes, and spend time with her newborn daughter.