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Station Video Portal Feature Update Coming August 1st
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To give stations more control over the videos featured in their Station Video Portal homepage carousels, beginning August 1st, stations will have the ability to specify individual videos for their carousel.

Currently, the carousels are programmed automatically by pulling full-length assets from the "Watch Shows" list programmed into the strip below the carousel.

Beginning August 1st, there will in the same location be a new Curate list that will accept individual videos.

Until a video is programmed into the new list, the carousel will fallback to the current behavior, pulling full-length videos from the "Watch Shows" list. So, stations need not rush to program their videos. Once a video is programmed into the new list, the carousel will pull from the video list instead of the shows list.

Because the carousel slides feature three videos at once, we recommend programming in multiples of three, as many as fifteen, to fill all five slides.

Please note that as video assets become unavailable, they will automatically disappear from the carousel, so the list should be monitored regularly. So long as there is one active video in the video list, the carousel will pull from the video list. When there are no active videos, the carousel will fallback to populating videos from the shows list.

We hope this change will give stations more flexibility in advertising their content and more freedom to target individual audience segments with their digital programming.

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