Station Resources for Newly Released Web Series “What I Hear When You Say”
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What I Hear When You Say is a digital-only video series that explores how words can both unite and divide us depending our own perspective, experience, and interpretation. Each episode covers a different phrase or term that challenges what we think we know about race, class, gender, and identity. While these topics may be difficult to discuss, starting with a shared understanding will help us connect with one another.

We are excited to make all 10 episodes available at Each episode has a viewing guide available for download. Additionally, we have created a station viewing guide that includes sample social media posts and response letter. It is available for download here

The pilot episode was a 2017 Webby Honoree and the series features unique perspectives from various researchers, filmmakers, journalists, and actors.  Individuals like Phoebe Robinson, Whitney Dow, Hari Kondabolu, Bayete Ross-Smith and many more contribute to a lively discussion. They will be promoting the series on their social media accounts and encouraging people to share feedback. Over the next two months, we will be promoting individual episodes via social media, in coordination with our partners. For example, two of the episodes will be featured in our Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month (#MyAPALife) social campaign.

Please reach out to Betty Alvarez ( with any questions.