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Station Benchmarking Report Update
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We're very excited to share the latest version of the Station Benchmarking Report. The program launched earlier this Spring, and this is the second installment, showing data through full quarter Q2 2014 (April-June).

There are great things happening with this Report we'd like to share with you. Since the first release, we've added over 10 stations, and will continue to add as requested. In future versions, you can look forward to several enhancements, like: moving from a quarterly to a monthly report, additional cohort capability based on CPB data, and moving to a more easy-to-identify station naming convention. In the meantime, we look forward to hearing how you are using the report!

Find out how Pat Breen uses the Benchmarking Report at Vegas PBS to
 develop digital reports for her station, as well as her suggestions for future reporting:  
  1. You produced a report using some of the data from the Station Benchmarking Report. Can you share who the report is distributed to and how its used?
    This was our first Station Benchmarking Report which we shared with our General Manager and the Content and Communications Department. We verified the data with our web stats and reviewed the specific metrics used so we can incorporate them into our reporting. The average frequency of visits per visitor and platforms were two metrics that were included in the Station Benchmarking Report and not in our reports. We will consider adding this data to our monthly reports. The stats reflect that our users are loyal visitors with 62% repeat visits and an average 2.4 visits per visitor. The majority of them are using their desktop computers to access our website which may be indicative of traffic from the Clark County School District (CCSD) teachers. We ranked second out of 44 stations for repeat visits, bounce rate and average frequency. It is always helpful to see where we stand in comparison to other stations. It’s important to note that the dashboard does not include stats from our Video On Demand (COVE) and other non-Bento websites. This information will assist in promotion and online strategy decisions.
  2. In your report you had other stations listed for comparison to Vegas PBS. How did you decide which stations to compare yourself to?
    This was a sampling of stations with similar stats. Ideally, we would like to compare stats with our peers in terms of market size, budget or mission. The dashboard  also provides an opportunity to benchmark our performance against high performers.
We're so grateful for Pat's feedback because it is an essential piece in developing tools that help you use analytics to make an impact in your organization. 

Please reach out to Kate Alany with any feedback or questions.
Also, keep an eye out for the next report in a few weeks, and if you haven't already, please sign up to have your data included the Report, using the instructions here.