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Start Dayparting Your Social Media Posts
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You may or may not be familiar with “dayparting” as a television or radio strategy. Basically, you schedule different shows for your early morning time than you would for mid-afternoon, primetime, or even late night. More and more, though, companies are starting to use dayparting in their social media as well. It’s an intimidating-sounding word, but it’s actually really easy to implement.

Think Mobile
Lots of people check social media on their phones these days. As a result, mobile needs to be an integral part of your dayparting strategy. Think about when people are on their mobile devices and what they’re looking for. Videos – unless they’re Vines – can be tricky, depending on data speeds. Long articles are less friendly than pictures or a short text blurb.

Keep It Light in the Morning
The morning is a popular time for people to check Facebook and other social media providers. This is usually because people roll out of bed and check their phone for updates. As a result, the morning’s a great time to release content, but make it light—don’t give your audience a link to a 3-page article or a video, give them a funny comment or a promotional image. After all, they haven’t had their coffee yet!

Later Day, Longer Content
As the day goes on, though, people migrate to computers. Whereas those videos and long articles were too much at 8am on a phone, they’re perfect at lunchtime on your laptop when you’re looking for meatier content. This is also a great time of day to advertise programs or events happening later that evening. Moving even later, usage becomes high for all three electronic types – computers, phones, and especially tablets – after 7pm, representing your largest audience for your most important posts.

Schedule Your Posts
Dayparting seem inconvenient? I mean, that means you have to come up with snappy Facebook messages or images at 7 in the morning, right? Not necessarily. HootSuite and Google’s AdWords are two of many services that allows you to delay your messages until specific times, letting you target the right moment for your message.

Basically, it all comes down to one principle:

Think Like Your Audience
What device are you checking at 8 in the morning? 8 at night? What sort of stuff do you feel like watching, liking, or clicking at those times? And then take all of those answers and give them back to your audience.

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By Taylor Berglund | Station Product and Innovation Intern | PBS Digital

Taylor is the Marketing and Communications Intern for the PBS SPI team. He runs the SPI Twitter feed, helps improve the Digital website, and does other intern-y things. In his free time, he writes, plays video games, runs half-marathons, and develops very strong opinions about his favorite TV shows.