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Spotlight Education Bentomatic Available
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Two Spotlight Education Bentomatic options are now available for stations. The two-column Studio 2 Option and theone-column Studio 1 Option. Both options are available with or without Hero Carousels and they both feature the #SpotlightEduPBS social hub. To gain access to any of the available Spotlight Education Bentomatics for your station site, submit your request via Digital Support Portal or contact

Spotlight Education UGC Social Campaign Themes
Thursday 9/8/2016: "Kickoff Pt. 1 Inspire Learning"
Friday 9/9/2016:  "Kickoff Pt. 2 Meaning of Education"
Saturday 9/10/2016: Throwback: School Photos
Sunday 9/11/2016: Teach Boldly
Monday 9/12/2016: Shine a Spotlight
Tuesday 9/13/2016: Discover Through Reading
Tuesday 9/13/2016:  Spark Innovation
Wednesday 9/14/2016: Push to Social Hub
Wednesday 9/14/2016: Take Risks
Thursday 9/15/2016: Celebrate Teaching
Friday 9/16/2016: Take Pride in Your Accomplishments
Saturday 9/17/2016: Stay Inspired
Sunday 9/18/2016: Look to the Future
Throughout the week: Push to Social Hub on

Content Contribution
We want to highlight local content that is relevant to the promotion! As a reminder, the full suite of resources (including sample tweets and posts and co-brandable graphics) is available on the Source and MyPBS! For just the social media assets (#SpotlightEduPBS) go here.

You can read more about the Spotlight Education initiative in this post

For any other questions, reach out to your SPI rep, or email