September Station Benchmarking Report
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The latest Station Benchmarking Report is now ready, and will be sent to stations via email from the SPI Team today. This report marks our transition from a quarterly release to a monthly release cycle, so the report now shows station data by month, with 6-month trend and comparison to the prior month and prior year. The report still includes group average and rank for each metric.

The final enhancement made to this release is that you’ll now find your station in the report using Call Letters, instead of the Google Analytics profile name you chose in your Google Analytics account.

Since stations are free to name their Google Analytics profiles however they want (and sometimes those chosen names do not clearly represent the stations), we thought a consistent naming convention for this report would be helpful.

We hope these changes will make using your data easier, and we plan to make further enhancements in coming releases. Be on the lookout for the email from the SPI team containing the report, and if you’d like to sign up to either participate in, or receive the report, you can do that here.