Season's Streaming for the Holidays
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It’s December — somehow! You’re busy shopping, shoveling, putting scarves on snowmen, and wrapping up member gifts. You may not have a ton of time to dedicate to marketing and sifting through clips, so we thought we’d make things a little easier for you.

First up, you'll find Pledge specials with clips in COVE. These can be embedded on your site and shared widely on social media. Tis’ the season! 

- Great Moments from Soundbreaking:
- Ed Sullivan’s Rock and Roll Classics: The 60s :
- Get Down Tonight: The Disco Explosion:
- National Park Symphony: The Mighty Five:
- Rock, Rhythm, and Doo Wop:
- Rocktopia Live in Budapest: A Classical (R)evolution:
- Dr. Ruth’s Revving Up Your Romance:
- Van Morrison Live at the Rainbow:

Take a peek below to find clips that are included in the “Winter/Holiday Collection” within the PBS app on OTT devices. These clips are perfect for sharing the season’s sentiments on social media, on your website, and in e-mail newsletters.

- Why do moose enjoy licking cars? :
- Warm Ducks in the Cold Arctic :
- Owl of the Arctic :
- A Frozen Ocean :
- Japanese Snow Monkeys Soak in Hot Springs :
- Snow Monkeys Grooming :

- From Jesus to Christ: 
- part 1:
- part 2:

Religion & Ethics Newsweekly
- Hanukkah Reignited:
- Hanukkah Lamps:

- No one dreamed of a ‘White Christmas’ before this song:

Great British Baking Show
- Season 3: Masterclass Christmas:

Great Performances
- Rod Stewart & Cee Lo Green “Merry Christmas Baby” :

Christmas at Belmont 2011

Crafts for Kids
- Family Reindeer Ornaments:
- SELFie Holiday Cards:

Craft in America
- Annette Brown on dolls made for Kwanzaa:
- Malik Seneferu dresses Kwanzaa table:

From PBS Digital Studios:

Deep Look
- The Sex Lives of Christmas Trees:

Space Time
- The Calendar, Australia, & White Christmas:

Brain Craft
- The Perfect Christmas Gift (According to Science):

It’s Okay to be Smart
- Is Santa Real? (A Scientific Analysis):
- Science of Snowflakes:

Physics Girl
- 5 physics experiments for the holidays: