Reminder: Sunsetting the COVE API
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As a reminder, we continue to work on retiring the COVE API at the end of 2017. We want to make sure all existing station consumers who have not already made the transition to the new Media Manager API have it planned in the next few months. If your station has not done so yet, please request the Media Manager production API. If you station has the Media Manger API and has not yet transitioned, please inform us of your timeline.

We’re eager to retire the COVE API, not just because maintaining the service is difficult, but also to enable PBS and the station/producer community to take full advantage of the expanded Core Data Model. Learn more about the COVE API transition here.

We’ve identified active COVE API keys as those which have made a single call to the service within a 16-day period. If your station is an active COVE API consumer, please file a support ticket under the Media Manager API Category with your key information so we can look into it.

We have documentation available for Media Manager API, and a forum dedicated to it, where we post system notifications, and stations and producers share knowledge. (Tip: You can “follow” forum topics to get email alerts when there is activity. If you do not have access to the forum, please submit a support ticket.) Lastly, if you need a Media Manager API key, the support team can provide you with one.

We’d love to hear from you about your plan and timeline for making the switch from the COVE API to the new Media Manager API by the end of the year.