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Recording Available: The PBS Streaming User Webinar
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Last month, we presented research via webinar about the PBS streaming/OTT audience. The webinar was held twice, and specifically for PBS station staff. More than 100 station leaders attended, and from the feedback we've received, it seems like the material was very useful.

The information presented at the webinar is meant only for station staff. If you attended and would like a copy of the video for your station, please send us and email, and we will email the video and slides to you. While an archived webinar isn’t as useful as attending the real thing, we’ve edited this video to highlight the various questions we received. (In other words, it’s an edited composite of both webinars to expose all the key questions.) We hope you find it useful for yourself and your teams.

One of the most common questions, asked several times in different ways, was essentially: When is PBS going to have an app that works on any device? The answer is “it depends on the device.” And if you want to know why, here’s an excellent primer on the maddening complexity of app development for streaming devices.) And, as always, don’t hesitate to ask any questions.