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Ready, Set, Migrate!
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Calling all current Bento stations - step right up! The highly -anticipated move from Bento 2 to Bento 3.0 is here. Starting in July stations will be able to participate in a cohorts, to help assist with the migration process. Stations with Bento 2 sites, both full and micro sites, will be able to participate in a migration cohort. 

Signup to attend one of the two upcoming webinars What to Expect When Expecting A Migration:Bento 2 to Bento 3.0.


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Over the course of four weeks, each cohort, or a group of stations, will actively work to tackle the migration of their website(s). Each week the cohort will focus on a different migration task. Topics to be covered include  best practices around auditing your existing content to exercises geared to help you create s core pages of your site(s).The cohort program will provide the participating station staff with the tools needed to successfully migrate their website.  

Bento 3.0 is a new admin with completely reworked workflows, new features, and integrations that deliver websites that are easy to maintain and sustainable for stations. To help users become familiar with the new system and workflows, page content migration from Bento 2 to Bento 3.0 will be mostly manual. PBS Digital will be providing auto-migration of Filer assets, API integrations, user roles and permissions, and most blog content.

The reason for this more manual migration process is as much about the strategy as the technology. With this brand new tool, stations will be able to revisit their entire site and redesign from the ground up by leveraging tools not previously available in Bento 2. This will ensure stronger and more effective websites in the end. At the end of the process stations will have a website that reflects the uniqueness of stations' brand, mission, content and goals.


You might be asking what does the migration entail and that’s a great question. With any major project you need to take in the full project scope and assess how much time, energy and resources will be need to be devoted.

The duration of this transition is completely dependent on how much time you and your team choose to allocate to the project. We understand that everyone wears many hats in public media and managing the website is not your only priority. However, by prioritizing the website upgrade to Bento 3.0 will allow you to expertly and expediently ramp up, redesign and relaunch your site. Enabling you and your team the freedom in the long term to focus on creating and promoting content to your audience.


The station cohorts will begin in July and run monthly through October. Stations should anticipate being able to launch their completed site in the month following the completion of their cohort. For example, if you participate in the July cohort, we expect your site will be able to launch in August.  

We are asking stations to fill out a cohort interest form. Each cohort will consist of up to seven stations. Stations will select their first and second choice of cohort time frame. We will do everything we can to accommodate your first choices.

There will be additional cohorts in 2018 on an as needed basis. Information regarding possible later cohorts will be communicated out late fall.


Learn More
There are many go-to resources available for Bento 3.0 on the PBS Digital product documentation site -, and the PBS Digital Station Guide at Also, you can catch up and read all the recent Bento 3.0 blogs.

If you haven’t already done so we recommend you attend one of the two upcoming webinars What to Expect When Expecting A Migration: Bento 2 to Bento 3.0, focusing on the migration and cohort process. Bring your excitement and questions. We’ll see there!