Public Media Women at TechCon
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Public Media Women in Leadership (PMWIL)launched in February 2015, is a group designed to provide a platform to discuss the issues around increasing the number of women in leadership roles across public media.

With momentum building around women in technology and public media, PMWIL has a notable presence at this year’s PBS TechCon. Beginning with a breakfast reception on Thursday, April 14 at 7:00-8:15 am. The breakfast reception is open to all women attending TechCon! Start the first full day of the conference getting to know your peers and hear remarks from PBS CEO Paula Kerger and group founder and PTMMG CEO Deanna Mackey

Public Media Women in Leadership is presenting a professional development session titled Speaking While Female: Strategies to be Heard while Overcoming Unconscious Bias and Cultural Assumptions. The session aims to tackle the issues that women face every day in the workplace. Claiming a seat at the table and voicing ideas can be challenging, but are expected of leaders, regardless of gender. 

Image - womeninleadership.jpgIf you are too timid you won't be heard, but statistics show that women who do speak up are often judged as too aggressive. Men and women can combat these stereotypes by learning which communication styles work best with different personality types and how to not use or be manipulated by mansplaining and manterrupting.

During the session Deanna Mackey, along with Colleen Wilson of KQED and Max Duke of PBS, will be examining how behaviors and attitudes undermine the impact of women at work. Practical suggestions and role-playing demonstrations offer alternatives for how leaders can ensure all employees’ ideas are considered.

Learn more about the Public Media Women in Leadership group by visiting their website, , or the Facebook group. Attending PBS TechCon? Be sure to add this session and reception to your schedule!