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Product Release: Customizable Bentomatics
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Image - cog.pngNext week, PBS Digital will be releasing a major enhancement to the Bento platform which will improve and broaden the Bentomatic capabilities. Through Bentomatics stations can leverage nationally-syndicated content experiences on local sites. Currently stations can plug Bentomatic content in to their site, and localize the experience by wrapping their branding and local content around the Bentomatic. With the upcoming release, stations will be able to not only add Bentomatic content to their site, but customize the content within the experience to produce a truly hybrid local/national experience.

How Does it Work:
The process for adding Bentomatic plugins to station sites will remain the same. The changes are the additional fields users will see when they expand existing Bentomatic plugins, or add new Bentomatic plugins (see below). The customizable Bentomatics will have the ability to override Smart Snippet variables only (so not Plugin variables), thereby customizing what station site users will see. With this new custom functionality, stations are presented with several unique editorial, development and design opportunities. Chief among them includes the ability to tailor the content, including for example the title and description text, for local audiences.

Image - cbentom.pngThis release presents Bentomatic content creators (be it PBS or stations) opportunities as well. Bentomatic creators will be able to build content with customization in mind, therefore providing a more robust experience for the end-users (aka: station site users). Some of the additional customization the teams at PBS Digital will be focusing on range from integration of customization theme options to hybrid content experiences, and beyond.

We will be holding a how-to webinar, February 12 from 1-2PM EST. Register now. Instructional documentation on how users will be able to customize Bentomatics will be available in conjunction with the release of the new functionality. Once this information is available we will be posting it for stations to review.

Please reach out to your digital representative or with any questions, comments, or Bentomatic content experience recommendations.

For a full list of available Bentomatic experiences please view the gallery here.