Preview TV Schedules Service (TVSS) API Available for Production Use
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We are one step closer to the TV Schedules Gracenote transition. For four weeks, starting today, we will have both the existing, Rovi-/TiVo-driven API and a “preview” version of the new Gracenote-driven API available in parallel. The "preview” TV Schedules Service (TVSS) API is a temporary, production-ready instance of the service, which uses Gracenote as the data source.

Stations currently using the TVSS API for custom applications (this does not include Bento) are welcome to use the “preview” API on production for a specified period of time, after which the endpoint URLs will need to be updated to point back to production. The primary benefit to using the “preview” API is it allows consumers to make the transition over the course of four weeks.

Learn more about the “preview” API here, so you can determine if it makes sense for your station to take advantage of it.

Transitioning from Rovi/TiVo to Gracenote is an important, first step in improving TV schedules, not only for stations that currently use the API, but also for stations that are thinking about switching over to the PBS TV Schedules products. The new API will power station-built schedules, as well as TV schedules across all PBS Digital products. To gain access, please file a ticket. And remember to let us know what you think!