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PMP and INN Join Forces to Create WordPress Plugin
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In our recent piece on the Public Media Platform (PMP) we featured an interview from South Dakota Public Broadcasting's Brian Gervik and PBS Digital's Markham Evans, where they discussed their PMP in Bento integration pilot project. As our team is always looking to provide the best services for stations, we found an article on the PMP blog which outlines work to be done to create a plugin that would enable stations to pull PMP content on to a WordPress site. Read on to learn more about the tool.

The PMP and INN announced a partnership to develop a WordPress plugin for the PMP, enabling more stations and organizations to harness the power of our hypermedia API to bring in new audiences and reinvent public media distribution.

Image - wordpress.pngThe plugin will allow public media stations and partner organizations that use WordPress as their content management system—and were previously unable to use the PMP—to pull digital content (including stories, audio, photos, and video) onto their websites and mobile apps. Stations and partner organizations will also eventually be able to use this tool to push content into the PMP.

“We’re big fans of the work that INN does and we couldn’t be more excited about collaborating with them,” says PMP Executive Director Kristin Calhoun. “This plugin will not only give more stations the ability to use the PMP, but also will open it up to organizations and other content producers as well. We’re eager to demonstrate the PMP’s potential.”

“News organizations of all sizes and focus are in need of flexible and extensible technology solutions that efficiently meet the needs of the newsroom and the communities that they serve,” says Kevin Davis, CEO & Executive Director of INN. “Working with the PMP on this initiative will help public media and nonprofit news organizations better serve their communities.”

Production began this month, with work wrapping up in early spring. If you are a station or content producer that uses WordPress and would like to pilot our plugin, please get in touch with Director of Product and Marketing Marc Pultuskier at  

Image - inn logo.jpgAbout INN 
INN, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, helps nonprofit news organizations produce and distribute stories with impact, achieve cost efficiencies by pooling resources and develop new revenue streams to become sustainable businesses. INN provides a number of programs to its members, including fiscal sponsorship, insurance, training, collaborations, and technology solutions such as Largo, a WordPress framework for news websites.

Image - pmp logo.jpgAbout the PMP 
The Public Media Platform (PMP) was founded by public media’s leading national organizations, i.e., APM, NPR, PBS, PRI, and PRX, with funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The PMP uses hypermedia API technology to distribute digital content (audio, video, stories, and images) from multiple public media entities across a variety of web and mobile platforms. This groundbreaking collaboration provides the industry’s first ever cross-media digital distribution system, with the ultimate goal of bringing public media to a larger audience.