PBS.org Redesign Sample Station Links
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The PBS.org Header Station Links provides a place for you to add links to areas of your station website such as a donation page, TV schedule, and links to other station affiliates. The PBS.org Header Station Links collection appears when a user scrolls down your website and is easily identified by the large image placed in the background. At least one item is required when implementing this collection.

For those of you deciding on what station links you would like to add to PBS.org here are some samples.

  • Monthly Giving
  • Renew Your Membership
  • Become a Member
  • Legacy Society
  • Leadership Circle
  • Upcoming Station Events
  • Local Shows
  • Programs A to Z 
  • Watch Online 
  • Sign up for our Newsletter 

Image - stationlinks2.png

You can also watch this how-to video on getting your links into curate. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact your digital rep or email pbsi_spi@pbs.org.