PBS Hawaii Hosts Sherlock Premiere Party
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How do you get people even more excited for one of the most anticipated television premieres of the season? Let them watch it three days early. As if you needed another reason to wish you lived in Hawaii.
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PBS Hawaii, in conjunction with Consolidated Theatres at Ward Centers, hosted a public screening of Sherlock on Jan. 16 and gave away seats on a first-come first-served basis. 

People showed up in droves, with a final headcount of more than 400 fans. And what kind of diehard Sherlock fans would they be if they didn’t jump at the opportunity to don their best Sherlock attire? Beats me. The winner of the costume contest received a Sherlock Holmes book and the soundtrack to Sherlock Series I. Or if DVDs are more your style, they also held a raffle for Sherlock Series III DVDs.
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All of this begs the question, how did PBS Hawaii put on such a successful event and draw such a large crowd? For that, we asked Liberty Peralta, director of communications at PBS Hawaii, who said promotions consisted of a cocktail of the following digital and physical ads, as well as giveaways:

Sherlock Premiere Promotions

  • $14 on boosting a Facebook post 
  • $62 on printing a movie-sized poster outside the theatre 
  • Free promotional giveaways through our local alt station, Star 101.9 
  • Free calendar listing in the local paper, Honolulu Star-Advertiser – with photo! 
  • Free contest giveaway on our Facebook Page
To top off the event, they created a Storify so fans can relive the event one tweet at a time whenever they'd like!

By Brionne Griffin | Marketing Associate | PBS Digital

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Brionne Griffin is the Marketing Associate for the PBS SPI team and manages the SPI blog and the SPI Twitter account, in addition to helping stations with their digital product needs. She is a Texas Longhorn alum, hot sauce aficionado, and you can always count on her for a good banjo joke.