PBS Documentation Update
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The new PBS documentation site

The new PBS public documentation site provides an easy, one-stop shop for finding information about PBS tools and services. We have updated the site to include all new products and hope you will find it easy to use and walk away with the information you needed.

The site is broken out into sections that are relevant to how you interact with PBS. For instance, if you are developer, you may find the Developer Documentation section helpful while those who simply need a user guide would reference items the Products section.

Flexible navigation

You can navigate the documentation site in several ways:

  • Click the links on the left side of the homepage. 
  • Click the menu items at the top of the page. These links are available on every page of the site. When clicked, dropdown menus appear giving you access to all sections of the site. 
  • Use the search box located in the upper right side of the page to search for content using keywords. 
  • Click the Spaces icon on the right side navigation menu to see all spaces on one page. 

In your space

Once you’ve selected a space, all pages in that specific space are displayed in a menu on the left side of each page. Click the Expand all / Collapse all links to compress or expand the menu items.

Each link that contains child pages is designated by a right-facing arrow. Click the arrow to expand the section. The arrow changes to a downward-facing arrow, indicating that the menu is expanded and all items are showing.

To search the space, type keywords in the textbox provided at the top of the left navigation menu. This search textbox is different from the one located in  the blue navigation bar at the very top of the page. The search textbox in the blue bar searches the entire documentation site whereas the search textbox in the left navigation menu of each space searches only the space you are currently viewing.

New features

The site offers a blog feature that provides latest news, product announcements, and assorted product- related information. Blog posts are displayed on the homepage. You can also access the main blog page by clicking the blog icon located in the navigation menu on the right side of every page of the site.

Blog posts are presented by date with the most recent showing first. To search all blog posts, type keywords in the search box provided in the upper right corner.

Provide feedback

To provide feedback or suggestions, please submit a helpdesk ticket. For now, head over to docs.pbs.org and start reading!

As always, for more questions please reach out to your SPI rep or email spi@pbs.org.

Meg Albus | Senior Manager, Technical Writing | PBS Digital