PBS Digital to Integrate Google DFP to Stations
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PBS Digital is excited to bring to stations a new application, which will help stations more effectively leverage, measure and build out a strategy around ad serving across digital platforms. In order to do this PBS is switching ad servers from LiveRail to Google DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP). Read on to learn more about this change and how your station can use this resource.

PBS is switching to DFP for many reasons. Some of the benefits include the following:

  • PBS will be covering the cost of the premium DFP Ad Server for stations;

  • One Ad Server to serve banner & video ads;

  • Advanced ad trafficking capabilities;

  • Simpler & Faster user interface for including improved inventory forecasting & reporting;

  • More standardized integrations available with PBS players across all platforms.

See this documentation for more details.

Image - GettyImages_476944379.jpgWhen?
PBS will migrate from LiveRail to DFP on a platform-by-platform basis, starting with the national & station COVE video portals first. We will be launching this in the beginning of April 2015.

What Do I Need to Do? 
We are letting you know now so there is plenty of time to prepare for this exciting transition! As a station, if you wish to take advantage of serving pre-roll & mid-roll for your local content on the Video Portal, you will need to complete two things by the end of March:

  1. Attend a Lunch and Learn for DFP Training: We will host a training session to cover the basics of trafficking through DFP & how PBS' configuration will work. Please register and plan to attend or review the recording for this webinar.

  2. Submit the email address for your DFP Users: Use the form found here.

  3. Create your campaigns within DFP: You will need to create your video ad campaigns within DFP by March 25, 2015. When we launch in April, the COVE Video Portal will not serve any video ads from LiveRail anymore. 

So Do I Still Need to Use LiveRail?
COVE Video Portal will serve ads solely from DFP starting in April. However, our other platforms will still be using LiveRail until each is transitioned over through 2015. Video ads for native iOS app, Roku, Fire TV, Xbox, and AppleTV will contintue to be servced from LiveRail. Our goal is to move each of these platforms to DFP as well as quickly as possible. We will continue to communicate as we progress.