PBS Digital Studios-CPB Digital Programming Grant Announcement
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The Digital Programming Funding Grant was created by PBS Digital Studios, with support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to help strengthen stations’ digital-first production capabilities, and develop stations’ capacity to create and distribute compelling digital content.

Over 100 great digital-first concepts were received and measured against criteria including:

·      audience development possibilities,

·      inclusiveness of local and regional voices,

·      editorial themes,

·      longevity potential, and

·      production capabilities.

While it was initially stipulated that support to create a pilot would go to five stations, the proposals were so strong that it was decided to include an additional station for a total of six.

The six stations selected for the pilot phase include East Tennessee PBS, Louisiana Public Broadcasting, KCTS9/OPB (in a joint venture), TPT, WPSU, and WETA.

Congratulations to those stations and thank you to all of the stations that participated. The PBS Digital Studios team is happy to learn that so many stations are eager to expand their digital programming and content offerings, and we encourage you to continue pursuing your series ideas. PBS Digital Studios is available to provide one-on-one consultation on digital-first programming, editorial and show format, social media strategy, channel optimization, audience development, marketing best practices, digital equipment support and more. Further information can be found at http://digital2.bento-live.pbs.org/resources/digital-studios/

As a reminder, applications to host a regional On-Site Digital Training are being accepted until September 1st. More information can be found here:http://digital2.bento-live.pbs.org/blogs/spi-blog/2017/07/11/cpb-pbs-digital-studios-digital-on-site-training-workshops/

Any questions? Do not hesitate to email your SPI Rep or spi@pbs.org.