PBS Annual Meeting Photo Recap
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MVOD First Development Open Space Breakout

Ira Rubenstein, SVP of PBS Digital, explains how the beta stations are carefully deliberating the best way to roll out MVOD to the system. 

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Besty Gerdman tells the crowd that MVOD is not just for new members. Current members will have access when the switch is flipped. She also highlights several messaging points to use when describing MVOD to members, since it is not meant as a pledge premium, but rather a member benefit.

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Ira Rubenstein addresses the system in his first speech as SVP of Digital.
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Open Space Breakout
Steve Goldblum, Hari Sreenivasan, and Matt Graham explain PBS' new online web series, Everything but the News.
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What is Everything but the News? This documentary-style series follows Goldbloom's misadventures as he attempts to cover the startup scene in California for the news program Jim Lehrer created, PBS NewsHour.
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PBS AnywhereLounge
On their way to the exhibitor's hall, guests were greeted by the PBS AnywhereLounge, a space created to demonstrate to conference goers how local programming is available anywhere, on any device—from the localized PBS app, to local COVE portals, to OTT devices like Roku and AppleTV.
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PBS Digital Booth
Once inside the exhibitor's hall, guests visited the PBS Digital booth to see Roku and AppleTV demos, as well as learn how to get their local programming onto these OTT devices.
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