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OETA: Getting the Most Out of Your Website
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Want to up your digital game? No matter the size of your station or skill level the PBS website manager Bento can help make your site great. Don't believe us? Check out what OETA's Digital Media Specialist Samuel Seide has to say when they made the switch. 

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One year ago, OETA moved from Joomla to the PBS designed CMS system Bento. Since that change our online numbers have more than doubled and our website continues to grow and evolve.  We were looking to improve our numbers for our website during our march pledge drive.  Our numbers the year before were during our new bento site rollout so there was lots of on air push to check out the new website so we were interested to see if one year later we could beat those.  Our biggest night during the 2014 pledge we had 4,149 pageviews whereas our biggest night in 2015’s pledge event we racked up 8,936 views.  A dramatic upswing and it proved that more people were utilizing our website to check programming and also to make donations.  Our online pledge amounts went up as well from last year!

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By having access to tools such as the TV Schedule module and the blog feature that are custom tailored to the needs of local stations, Bento is a step above other choices out there.  No matter what size station or skill level you have, having a platform designed specifically for PBS stations makes having a great website something that's attainable.

Check out my presentation from 2015 Annual Meeting that includes a more detailed look at what Bento is.  Also included are comparisons of our analytics numbers one year apart from each other to show just how much growth we are having while utilizing this valuable (and free!) service provided to us from PBS.