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We're excited to announce that the 2014 PBS Online Film Festival officially launched today!  The third annual festival is back with a new website, sophisticated voting features, and a very user-friendly way to share your favorite films. Hopefully, you received the Film Festival screening invite and are planning to make it to the Conference Center on Friday, June 27th.  In the meantime, check out the site and enjoy the films we are featuring this year.  For the complete list and more information about each film, please check out the press release here.  
Watch all the films, vote for your favorites, and share them with your friends!
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As for local PBS stations, we have a number of offerings to help you promote the Film Festival on your website. Keep reading for the full breakdown. 

The Films
All 25 films will be released June 16, with each film assigned a specific promotion date. Please check the Promotional calendar located in the FTP.

How to Promote the Festival 
We have put together a package of assets to promote the festival on local stations’ websites and social media platforms. All promotional content is located on the Stations FTP. Contact Anaïs Cayo ( or Pete Van Vleet ( for further details.

1). Download Promotional Assets from FTP


Content includes: 

  • Promotional calendar with key dates 
  • Sizzle reel partner player embed code 
  • Banner Ads 
  • Poster 
  • Postcard 
  • Ecard 
  • Festival Logos

2). Follow the Promotional Calendar 
In addition to promotion, we'll use this calendar to schedule our weekly OVEE screenings 

3) Follow PBS on Social Media and Use the Hashtag #PBSolff 
You can use language from the main PBS Facebook and Twitter accounts to post or tweet about your individual films
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Important Links
Film Festival Website 
PBS Indies YouTube Channel
Sizzle Reel/Trailer in COVE  (please embed using partner player embed code found in FTP)

Social Media
PBS Facebook Page 
PBS Twitter Page
PBS G+ Page
PBS Tumblr Page
PBS Pinterest Page
PBS Instagram @PBSofficial
PBS LinkedIn Public Broadcasting Service