Notes from TechCon16
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If you’re like me, you spend a  lot of time in front of your computer screen busily creating lists and ticking off the items. Sure I seek input from outside my day-to-day work life on how to connect better with our audience; how to compel our viewers to support the work we do. But most of the time I’m working in isolation from the larger, connected community of colleagues we call PBS.

TechCon is an opportunity to burst that isolated bubble. It’s a chance to reconnect with a group of really smart, creative people who have experimented in the digital and tech space.

So with that preamble, here are my three reasons to attend TechCon.

1. You’re not alone! While at your office you’re certainly interacting with the really smart people at your station but at TechCon, you’re connecting with people from all over the country who are experimenting, creating, and tackling issues that are common to all of us. You’ll learn a ton about what’s happening at PBS in Washington and what’s working around the country. For those of us who cannot attend the Annual Meeting, the sneak peek of the programming pipeline is incredible.

2. You’ll meet people who are in your shoes…and who have walked through the same challenges. You’ll take away ideas but perhaps more important, you’ll take away contacts (and friendships) that will serve you in the future. The community I’ve been able to build by being face-to-face with station colleagues has given me important relationships to turn to for information and concepts.


3. You’ll be able to look at your challenges from a 10,000-foot view. Seeing the big picture always helps me make sense of the individual tasks and goals I need to achieve. Zooming out to that macro level helps to put things in perspective and gives me the long view to plan beyond the immediate horizon. Plus the keynote speaker is always an expansive thinker who helps to make sense of trends.

Take advantage of the opportunity to get out of your every day work life and go beyond your own great ideas to learn more great ideas among a lot of inspired, clever, and talented people. You’re guaranteed to walk away with more than you thought possible and you’ll certainly meet people to whom you can turn in the future.

This year TechCon is back at Caesars Palace.  Have you registered yet? Want more information? Check out this year's agenda!

Consider applying for the Digital Immersion Project; find details here!