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New Bentomatic: PBS Anywhere
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Share in the excitement of being able to access and distribute your station's content across multiple platforms via the PBS Anywhere Bentomatic-powered promotional site. This site highlights the ability to view your station's content on desktop experiences, mobile devices via the PBS and PBS KIDS iOS and soon-to-launch Android app, OTT platforms via ROKU, Apple TV and Amazon Fire, and connected TV components via Xbox 360.

Created and managed by the Digital Programming team at PBS Digital, this multi-page site showcases stations' multi-platform distribution strategy, while leveraging the PBS Anywhere campaign.

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To make sure the links from this site go off to your station's video experience, confirm that you have added the SPI_Portal_URL_Rewriter smart snippet is on your Bentomatic page in a header placeholder. This will automatically redirect all urls which link to to your station's video experience instead. If you don't see this smart snippet in your the snippet dropdown menu, you can request access from your digital representative.

To get the PBS Anywhere Bentomatic for your local station site, contact your digital rep directly, or email

Why Bentomatic?

Use Bentomatic pages to keep your site up-to-date with fresh, national content that’s powered by PBS Digital, so your Web staff can focus on local efforts.

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Other Available Bentomatic Pages:

Go here to view all the PBS Anywhere promotional assets available for your station, including spots, online banners, print ad, e-Cards and more.