Native American Heritage Month Bentomatic
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Is your site ready for Native American Heritage Month?

Celebrate Native American Heritage Month Nov 1st – 30th (and all year round) with a Bentomatic collection from the PBS Digital Programming team. Connect your users to local and national films, short stories and resources from across public television— and over two dozen videos currently streaming online today.

There are two Bentomatics for stations to use for the full experience:

  1. Native American Heritage Month — this is the existing Bentomatic, now without a carousel
  2. Native American Heritage Month – Hero Carousel — this is the additional hero carousel that provides the promotional priorities at the top of the page.

To gain access to the Native American Heritage Collection for your station site, submit your request via Digital Support Portal.

Once your site is ready, engage your audiences in social media with #NativeInspired, a new social campaign in partnership with Vision Maker MediaWORLD Channel and partners from American Documentary. Each week, we will release a new set of quotes, photos and clips inspired by the history, culture and traditions of American Indians and Alaska Natives. Join the campaign. Be #NativeInspired. You can sign up to receive weekly social suggestions from Nicole Eley-Carr at

Happy Native American Heritage Month!


Nicole Eley-Carr | Sr. Manager, Content Strategy and Partnerships | Digital