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Meme Monday: The Do's and Don'ts for Social Media
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Do you have a case of the Mondays? Well the @PBSinterns are here to help. Each week, I will explore a different topic pertaining to public media, and share my opinions, along with the opinions of the other interns I work with. And to make your Mondays a little easier, I will deliver my findings in the most fun way possible – through memes, of course!

Quoting “The Fault in our Stars”, we fell in love with social media the way we fall asleep, “slowly, then all at once.” Now it’s impossible to escape social media, and it seems as though there is a new network popping up every month (have you heard of Thumb? Yeah, neither have I). But social media is a great place to connect directly with your audience and further expand the presence of your brand in their lives. With this access, it is important for entities to know how to act, especially when trying to attract the coveted “Millennial” generation. Sometimes what a company may think is a good idea to reach out to their audience, the audience perceives as just the opposite. So to help you out, I asked my fellow interns what they thought and here’s what we all had to say:

DO get involved with more cause marketing.

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Companies that engage in current events and social issues convey the message that they care about the greater good and are not solely profit-hunters. Although it can sometimes elicit negative comments, it proves that a company can take a clear stance on a topic that many other companies chose to ignore. It will also gain you a lot more support from viewers that appreciate your initiative. -Woods

DON’T retweet everyone that mentions you.
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Choose your RTs sparingly, keeping in mind that every poorly crafted, punctuation-forsaken message reflects directly back on you. It’s fun that people are talking about you, but it’s not fun to have a timeline stuffed with random RTs for which you never asked. - Prats

DO use more images.
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I would so much rather click on a company related link if it had a picture or video tagged to it rather than if it was just text. It is so easy for an article to get lost in the text that fills a newsfeed that I oftentimes scroll right past them. The occasional picture or video that pops up immediately grabs my attention and is a great way to attract viewers.

DON’T send automated tweets and DMs.

Nobody likes getting an automated message from a company thanking him or her for the recent follow. These generic messages can come off as spam and insincere. I find that it is easy to see through the automated “welcome” tweet you receive upon following a company. This goes for the direct messages on Twitter as well. - Woods

DO remember to have fun.
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Sometimes businesses forget that being social is the main point of social media and oftentimes come off seeming too robotic. It is possible to show a human, more relaxed side of the company while remaining professional and getting the message across. Behind-the-scenes Vines are a great way to connect with your audience on a deeper level and, remember, humor goes a long way.

Happy Monday!

Mackenzie Woods is the Content Programming and Promotions intern and Jena Prats is the Social Media and Promotions intern for the summer. If you enjoyed their contributions to this post, follow them on twitter for more of their thoughts (Jena promises to barely retweet).