Meme Monday: I'll Come Up With a Title for This Later... Pt. 1
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Mondays don’t get a lot of love. They are notorious for causing a lot of this:
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Meme Monday is a weekly blog series that covers some popular and interesting topics from the perspective of the PBS interns. Our insight is meant to help brighten your day with some fun graphics and offer a few tips on what we find helpful in our day to day experiences. In the end, I just want us all to be as happy as Katie:

The 7 Stages of Procrastination

Oh procrastination, one of my oldest friends. If you’re anything like me and the rest of the interns, you have definitely had your fair share of experiences with waiting to the last minute to get a task done before the deadline. You’re probably procrastinating now by reading this post (but that’s excusable… keep reading)! 

Today and next week I’m going to cover this, as Mackenzie Woods puts it (remember her from last week?), "unorthodox" method, and hopefully you can relate to it and learn something new to help with your procrastination. In the first installment of this miniseries (it’s like Inception, a series within a series), I’m going to shed a little light on the all too familiar stages of procrastination. From the moment you are given a task leading up to the moments before the deadline passes, let’s call that time 11:59 p.m.

Stage 1: You are given the assignment.
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It’s no secret that you are a chronic procrastinator, but after your last anxiety attack from waiting until the last minute to complete a task, you are determined to fix your bad habit.

Stage 2: The Type-A in you comes out.
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This is the stage that all procrastinators wish never ends. You start working on the assignment way ahead of the deadline; you make lists, schedule your time, and even start working on your task. You start to feel good about yourself and decide to take a “little” break.  Or you tell yourself, as Taylor Berglund, the newest PBS Digital intern with the Station Products & Innovation team, does, “I’ll do it later.” Enter procrastination, stage right.

Stage 3: Limbo.
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The days are passing and you are starting to forget about your task. You keep getting smaller assignments that you must work on IMMEDIATELY and every time you return to your original task, you keep getting distracted by Sesame Street gif’s and quizzes to see what Downton Abbey character you are. When you notice you haven’t made any new dents in your assignment, you simply close all of your work, reassuring yourself that the deadline is still far in the future.  Woods attests, “If I linger too long on one assignment before its due date, I lose interest and creativity.” Cue naptime.

Stage 4: Mild Panic.
Image \u002D meme 5.jpg
Ok so the constant reminders that the deadline is coming up is starting to freak you out. You still haven’t made any new advances in your assignment. You finally muster out the roughest, and I mean rough, sketch of what you want the final product to be. When, not if, you get distracted again, you confidently give in to your tendencies because you just have to add the finishing touches and you will be done; and that shouldn't take much time at all, right...

Image \u002D meme 6.gif
I don’t have to tell you: you know you messed up. And anyone who questions what you have been doing this whole time is subject to a dirty scowl, but not for too long because this deadline is seriously right around the corner. You’re typing, researching, and organizing faster than you ever knew you could and each time you look at the clock it’s as though time is moving even faster than you. Each time you get burnt out, you question the heavens why you were cursed with such a habit and vow to never procrastinate again.

Stage 6: Relief.
Image \u002D meme 7.gif
We have now arrived at 11:59pm. You’re done! No one, not even you, knows how you did it, but you managed to complete one of your biggest assignments in a short amount of time and it actually looks pretty good. You laugh at how much stress you put yourself through but are happy that it's all over. But honestly, you weren’t kidding when you said “Never. Again”.

Stage 7: Repeat.
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