Meet the New DMAC Members
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Image - new_DMAC_16.jpgA new season brings new DMAC members! The Digital Media Advisory Council, or DMAC, is a group of station staff that are leaders and experts that advocate for stations and collaborate with PBS Digital to ensure that stations priorities are represented.

This year PBS Digital had a wealth of applicants, making the choice to fill the five open slots a challenge. DMAC members rotate out of the council every two to three years. Every year we take a look at perspectives and expertise that we have and are looking in order to move forward. The newest members of the DMAC are listed below. We're grateful for their willingness to serve on the council. 

Patricia Breen – Web Designer, Vegas PBS

In her almost ten years as the Web Designer at Vegas PBS, Pat has been instrumental in two complete website re-designs and is currently preparing for the next iteration of Bento.  Her input on web-related matters is constantly sought out by multiple departments throughout the station, as well as by individuals from other stations across the system.  Pat and Vegas PBS were excited to be one of the first groups to implement Bento. Along with her day-to-day responsibilities of maintaining the website, Pat supports the Vegas PBS staff on the Bento and COVE systems. Her duties also include reporting with Google Analytics, managing the Vegas PBS YouTube account, and assisting with email marketing campaigns.

Patty Lindley – Digital Director, Cascade Public Media

Diverging from an intended path as a book editor in the early/mid ‘90s, Patty had the good fortune to catch a first rung on the career ladder at Starwave, a pioneering Paul Allen media company where she took a job developing content for a CD-ROM (‘member those?) retrospective of the life and career of Clint Eastwood. From there, the content and technology teams at Starwave pivoted to bring some of the first big brands online ―,, Outside Online, among others ― as well as a suite of entertainment websites, including and the snarkier-than-thou, where Patty cut her teeth as an editor and product manager. From there, she continued a habit of developing innovative user/content experiences at several Seattle-based media companies, including RealNetworks, Wetpaint and ParentMap. She is very pleased to have landed at Cascade Public Media, where she leads digital product strategy and operations for KCTS and What’s Good 206. Building on the recent relaunch of, Patty and team are bending toward several audience, application and revenue development objectives.

Taylor Shore – Digital Content Manager,  Iowa Public Television

Taylor joined Iowa Public Television (IPTV) in 2015 in the station’s newly created role of digital content manager. Her time at IPTV is divided among digital marketing and advertising, online content production and strategy development, and overseeing the development of the station’s online platforms. She spends her days experimenting on social media, talking about the user experience, and diving into analytics. A favorite hat that she currently wears is strategizing with IPTV’s producers on expanding the station’s offerings of digital series. Before working in public media, she worked in digital communications and development for several organizations and satisfied her love of words through positions at area newspapers and literary magazines. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Northern Iowa and a master’s in Rhetoric, Composition, and Professional Communication from Iowa State University.

Jess Snyder – Senior Manager, Web Systems, WETA

Jess joined WETA in 2002 as a web associate with the understanding that she would learn HTML.  Learn it she did (plus a few other programming languages) and she now spends her days wrangling CMSes, eCRMs and other assorted online tools. She has over 14 years of experience in building websites for both local and national public media audiences, including, Boundary Stones, Telly Visions, and Washington Week with Gwen Ifill.  She has presented sessions at the PBS Technology Conference, NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology Conference, NYC Camp, and Drupal GovCon about her website redesign and relaunch experiences. Currently, she serves as co-organizer of the NTEN Drupal Community and Second Vice President of the NATAS National Capital Chesapeake Bay Chapter. She holds a bachelor’s degree in medieval British history from Wellesley College and a slightly more relevant master’s degree in information management from the University of Maryland.

Cheraine Stanford – Senior Producer/Director, WPSU

Cheraine brings experience in journalism, independent film and public television to her role as senior producer/director at WPSU in State College, PA. Her productions include the television documentaries Holding History and As Long As We Dance, the transmedia project Water Blues – Green Solutions, the web series The Geospatial Revolution and the multimedia project African American Chronicles. She previously worked at WETA on Washington Week With Gwen Ifill and at Maysles Films in New York. Her work has garnered a Peabody Award, CINE Golden Eagle and several Mid-Atlantic Emmy nominations. She began her career as a reporter for The Charlotte Observer newspaper in North Carolina. Cheraine holds a bachelor’s degree from Duke University and a Master of Fine Arts from Temple University. She is a Next Generation Leadership Senior Editorial Fellow and a native of the beautiful island of Jamaica.

Thank you to all who are interested in joining the DMAC and applied! I want to encourage you to remain active with PBS Digital. There are a number of ways to get involved beyond reading the SPI blog, but that's a good start! Join our PBS Digital Station Solutions Facebook Group, a place for colleagues from across the system to stay connected, share successes and ask the questions you're not able to ask elsewhere.

Mark April 19-21 on your calendar to attend the 2017 PBS TechCon, our annual digital and technology conference. The call for session proposals is open until October 14, submit your session ideas for PBS TechCon 2017!