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Media Manager Is Here!
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Good news! We have just wrapped up the launch of Media Manager to all local stations and national programs that used the COVE/Merlin admin.

As you know, PBS Digital has been working on a major initiative to expand the metadata model used for local and national PBS digital content, which includes video assets. The PBS Digital Core Data Model better organizes, relates, and presents video and other content across all platforms. The Media Manager admin is the content management system which will publish and distribute video assets across platforms. Moving forward local stations and national programers will use Media Manager to upload and organize video assests.

As a reminder, Media Manager replaces the COVE/Merlin admin that stations and national producers used to upload and update their video content. It is important that staff does not log into the Merlin/COVE console anymore.

If you had access to the Media Manager staging environment, you will be able to log into the production environment. If you did not yet get access to the staging environment, you can request access to the production environment beginning today, via the Digital Support Portal.

A few important details to remember with the launch of Media Manager:

  • Media Manager documentation/manual is available if you want work on becoming an expert. You can also continue watching the training videosas a refresher.
  • As a reminder, you will update your local video portal carousel and featured show strip via the Program Stack in Curate. If you do not have access to Curate, you can request access via the Digital Support Portal. The carousel will pull the first episode of the featured show strip. To learn more about Curate, check out the documentation.
  • Your Google Analytics IDs are visible/editable in Station Manager. You can also reqiuest access to Station Manager via the Digitla Support Portal.

Thank you for bearing with us during this process! Please submit any issues, questions, and access-related requests to the Support Team.