Lunch and Learn: Upload Zip Files to Filer, and More
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Cove Video Player \u002D Lunch and Learn: Bento Filer

Upload Zip Files to Folders:

You can now upload a zipped folder, containing files and sub folders, and then unpack it after upload. Simply select the zip folder and add it to Filer. Then check the box next to the Zip folder and select "Extract selected zip files" in the dropdown menu in Filer. The folder will be unpacked, with the structure intact. Zip File Extract to Filer.


Filer: Copy Folders and Files into New Folders:

Filer now allows users to copy files and folders and add them to other folders.


First_in_Head Placeholder in Explorer:

The Explorer templates now have an extra placeholder - First_in_Head - to add greater flexibility for adding non-surfacing smart snippets and scripts to a page.


Explorer Facebook Activity:

The display has been improved, including the removal of unsupported fields. Documentation is available here.


Explorer Twitter Follow Button:

The Twitter follow button is now available with styling specifically designed for responsive sites.


Explorer Right Rail Arrow:

The Explorer Right Rail Arrow smart snippet will now be available in Explorer. The single module has light and dark display options. Find documentation here.


Explorer Google Search Results:

Bento has transitioned from RAMP search to Google’s free search appliance software. Instructions will soon be available for creating a styled widget to add to a search results page. Resource material here.


Explorer Disqus Commenting:

The Disqus commenting theme has been styled for use in the Explorer (responsive) theme.