Local PBS Stations Accept Paula's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
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What better way cool down on a hot summer day than to pour a bucket of icy water over your head? While it is incredibly effective, there's a lot more to this story. From celebrities, to politicians, and everyone in between, people all over the nation are willfully drenching themselves in arctic water in the name of charity. The ice bucket challenge raises awareness for ALS, in addition to raising funds for research.

Last week, PBS President and CEO, Paula Kerger took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. With help from her friends Curious George and Daniel Tiger, Paula turned a large bucket of ice water upside down on her head outside PBS headquarters. Once she dried off a bit, (thanks to a towel from Curious George), Paula nominated all the General Managers or CEOs at the local PBS stations around the country.

Mel Rogers the CEO at PBS SoCal was quick to respond, as you can see in his video below. Watch Mel complete the Ice Bucket Challenge below, and then see who he nominates.

A few other west coast stations answered the call of Paula, and took the plunge as well. Below, you can see David Lowe, Rob Stewart, and Jason Shoultz from KVIE PBS taking the Ice Bucket Challenge.

In this rendition, of the Ice Bucket Challenge, Valley PBS CEO, Phyllis Brotherton, completes the challenge with Elmo alongside for moral support. Definitely the most colorful video of the bunch!

Image - Pinterest-icon-sm.pngHas your PBS station completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter so we can add you to our Pinterest board of all the brave station leaders who took the plunge.